Top 5 Female Adventurers - Part 3: New Wave

Top 5 Female Adventurers - Part 3: New Wave


To sum up our series, we feature women who we believe are future leaders of the adventuring world, taking a glance into their lives and accomplishments in which we name them the ‘‘New Wave Adventurers/Explorers’. They’ve gone beyond the confines of gender to demonstrate that girls play just as hard, becoming beacons of awe and inspiration in their respective fields.


“I think it’s really important for us to continue being hopeful that we can make a difference. It makes life worth living”Noami Grevemberg

Hailing from the twin island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago in the West Indies, with a love of the outdoors already in her blood,  along with her husband Dustin, took a leap of faith in a quest to simplify their lives by detaching from the norm and living life in their 1985 VW Zesty van. “Irie” has been home to the couple for almost 3 years and has taken them to many corners of the United States as well as parts of Mexico. An Environmental Scientist by profession and advocate for environmentally conscious and ethical living, she successfully co-founded and runs a sustainability consulting company called Coconuts and Cacti. A guru in her own right, she offers sound advice on everything from green building to carbon footprint auditing to individuals, small business and fellow van-life nomads! Her free e-book The Ultimate Guide to Sustainability in Everyday Life is a must read for those seeking a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Their van life journey is an incredible and fascinating one to follow on social media filled with succinct captions and beautifully composed photos. Stay tuned to their pages to find out when they’ll be lending their voices to podcasts, van life gatherings or where they’ll be heading to next!

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“I would recommend that women choose a sport or exercise routine that they really enjoy....Stick to it, and don’t give up."

Maya Gabeira

Born and raised in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, Maya Gabeira is considered to be one of the most daring, if not ballsiest women on the planet! In the male-dominated world of surfing, Maya has continuously challenged the rules to become one of the highest paid big wave surfers in the world. She was the first woman to surf Hawaii’s Ghost Tree and Tahiti’s Teahupoo, two formidable breaks that can easily strike apprehension into the hearts of even the most experienced surfers. The “Superwoman of Surfing” is the proud recipient of several big wave surfing awards, many of which were won in consecutive years. And at only 31 years of age her name is etched in the Guinness World Book of Records for the biggest wave ridden by a woman (68 feet), a category that was created to recognize such a feat. At such a young age and an impressive career to her name, we think it will only be a matter of time (most likely sooner than later), that she’ll break another record and further push the envelope for women’s surfing and sports as a whole.

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“I created my job which created my lifestyle”

Nadia Aly is real-life scuba diving mermaid whose underwater photographs makes us want to quit our day jobs and become full-time mermaids ourselves! After learning to dive in her early teens, she left corporate America to follow her dreams to the sea founding her own company, Scuba Diver Life Expeditions. Her award-winning photographs showcasing her pelagic adventures from places like Tonga and French Polynesia, are nothing short of extraordinary, all vividly demonstrating and bringing awareness to the sensitivities and importance of sea life. Through her company, she leads private expeditions to some of her favorite dive spots around the world, furthering her marine conservation efforts. Look for her work in publishing platforms such as the National Geographic and other dive/marine related publications.

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“It’s not really about having the ability to climb. It’s about this ability to say, ‘I can do it really well.’ “

Sophia Danenberg

Without officially setting out to do so, Sophia Danenberg became the first person of colour to climb Mt. Everest. This business woman, world traveller and experienced mountaineer conquered peaks such as Mt. Rainier in Washington, Matterhorn and Mt. Kenya, however, she reached the summit of Everest in 2006, surpassing her initial goal of making it just to Camp Four, cementing her spot in the history books. Although she is very humble about her history-making triumph, doing so without so much as a single press release or broadcast of her achievement, she continues to embrace her outdoorsy lifestyle, constantly testing and improving her climbing skills.

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“You are as only as big as the dreams you dare to live”

Jessica Watson

The youngest superhero of the bunch, Jessica Watson is an Australian sailing badass, who, at 16 years old, became the youngest person to sail solo around the world. Against intense scrutiny, doubt and disapproval from the sailing community, she successfully completed her journey just under 21,000 nautical miles and 3 days short of her 17th birthday. She returned home to a hero’s welcome and was eventually bestowed the Order of Australia Medal. Following her success at sea, she went on to publish a bestselling memoir, entitled True Spirit, chronicling her trials and eventual triumph at sea. She has also been the recipient of numerous awards including being named one of the National Geographic Society’s “2010 Adventurer’s of the Year”.

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In addition to our Top 5, we want to give an Honorable mention to :


“They always say that a prayer of a traveler will be granted….wallahualam”

Anita Yusof

This Malaysian mother of two adult sons turned her obsession with motorbikes into a realization that would make her the first Muslim woman to travel around the world solo on a motorbike. On her FZ150i, she has explored hundreds of routes across 54 countries starting in Canada and ending in Bukit Kayu Hiram, Malaysia. 65,639 kilometers later she has secured her spot in the Asia Book of Records for her Global Dream Ride initiative simultaneously making her the first Malaysian to be inducted into this hall of records. At 51 years old she shows no signs of slowing down, probably because she currently holds sponsorship with Givi Bikes!

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Taking everything into account, these females will lead the way of many adventurers and explorers who have added to our betterment as women of the outdoors. We hope that this series inspires you, our Eidon Adventurers, to follow your passion and know that each dream, no matter how big or small, is worth pursuing.