Introducing #EidonAdventurer Zoe Larson

We're super excited to introduce you to our stylish surfer girl with bohemian flair, Zoe Larson! From her life on the road in her trusty van to her thrifting side gig, she's a fascinating soul to us, and we're sure you'll feel the same soon enough! There's no telling where or what she'll be up to next but read on to get a glance of her time gone by.

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Eidon: Not only are you living the Eidon life, but you’re living the van life too! If you could drive your home on wheels to anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

Zoe: Wow, so if I could drive anywhere in the world, what a question! I have a few special places right here in the US. The midwest carries a special place in my heart, especially the little hidden waterfalls, creeks and rivers. Zion National Park is one of the places that provides all these novelties. Definitely one of my personal favorite parks. 

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Eidon: Have you named your van? If yes, what inspired it?

Zoe: Of course, she has a name! I call my baby, Johnny B Goode. It all started around October when my sis and I were Halloween shopping and came across a little skeleton figure... That figure was named Johnny B Goode, and he sat around my rearview mirror for about a year or two and seemed to embody my van pretty well.

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Eidon: How many countries have you visited in 2019, and which one resonated with you the most? 

Zoe: 2019 has been such a fruitful culture year. I've been in the deep depths of Ethiopia, the ancient city of Prague, to some surf trips around Mexico and Puerto Rico, to beautiful nordic countries of Iceland and the Faroe Islands. This year has been one of a kind, and I feel so grateful to have experienced so much. I think I resonated the most with Ethiopia. It was so unique! The people and the land were breathtaking. I got to learn a lot about their cultural values and how to recognize and appreciate those.

Quote: "It's a great feeling teaching the importance of conservation and giving value to the natural resources. It is also empowering and grants us a sense of belonging..."

Eidon: We know you're an avid thrifter and have turned this hobby into a personal enterprise. Can you tell us a bit about your business itself how you made that transition?

Zoe: Oh, yes! My sis and I thrive off our local thrift stores. Pretty much everything we wear and own is from a thrift shop. Our business is trying to promote sustainability and confidence in recycled apparel. We started when our closets could no longer hold any more clothes. We would go thrifting every other day after class and cycle clothing in and out, and everyone would always ask us where we got our outfits. That's when my sister, Mia and I, started our Etsy page. At first, it was to try and make an extra buck cleaning out our closets. It then turned into our little empire of vintage and upcycled clothing, called Urban Upcycle Boutique.

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Eidon: Have you ever found an item/items that you couldn’t let go of? 

Zoe: Yes, yes, yes. I come across items I can not, and will not let go. One of which being this epic red jumpsuit straight out of Saturday Night Fever. The hardest thing is hanging up those items you really like, and watching someone else fall in love with that item.

Eidon: As an experienced world explorer, do you have a traveler’s mantra? If not, create or suggest one for us.

Zoe: Travel to learn. An open mind will serve you with knowledge you can cherish forever. We must never impose our values, only acknowledge the differences between other cultures and ours. Traveling is so essential, I wouldn't be half the person I am now without exposure to new places and new faces.

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1. She is a morning person (Well hello Sunshine!)

2. Her favorite musical artists include Mazzy Star and The Supremes (Be still our old school hearts!)

3. Her light-hearted humor is what she likes the most about herself 

4. She's passionate about filmmaking and photography

5. Her favorite foods are her mom’s butternut squash soup and homemade quinoa patties (Home is definitely where the tummy is!) 

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