Discover: IN BLOOM

Discover: IN BLOOM

Discover: IN BLOOM


If there’s one era that put surf culture in the mainstream, it’s the 1990s. From California surfer slang like “tubular” and “cowabunga” to neon surf wear looks that became huge ‘90s fashion trends, surf was everywhere, not just the West Coast. Now, we’re turning the tables with In Bloom, a new swimwear print inspired by our fave decade.


‘90s nostalgia is having a pretty big moment right now, with everything from chokers, flannel, and other grunge signatures seeing a major comeback. But In Bloom takes the ‘90s trend back to the beaches where so much of the era’s iconic fashion started.




This edgy revival print brings all your retro favorites together, from its black-and-white daisies – the ultimate throwback floral – to its bright neon orange background and vivid accent colors. It’s a young, fun and energetic take on the decade that brought you Nirvana, Destiny’s Child, and the Internet.


And for the biggest ‘90s fans, kick the nostalgia up a notch when you opt for In Bloom in an equally nostalgic cut. Look out for our 1990s-inspired high-hip cut Courtney bottom. Or stay tuned for even more retro styles, like a baby tee-style crop top, dropping next year.



Travel back in time like Bill and Ted as you travel to the beach this season in your favorite In Bloom styles. And don’t forget to pack a mix tape of all your top old-school tracks. Far out!



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