There’s a lot going in in Northern Africa: the great pyramids of Giza, the bustling streets of Marrakech, an impressive collection of historically significant archaeological sites… but these cultural wonders are dramatically dwarfed by the sweeping Sahara desert, a gargantuan landform that blankets the continent’s northernmost regions.



Stretching 3.9 million square miles, this desert is similar in size to the entire United States – and while that does account for an unbelievable quantity of sand, you will also come across gravel plains, stone plateaus, salt flats, and rivers as you traverse the majestic Sahara.



In fact, somewhere within its endless bounds lies a series of lakes called the Ounianga: an oasis so blue that you’d swear it was a mirage, conjured up by an overactive imagination. Surrounded by golden sands for as far as the eye can see, this serene patch of water is home to the same striking sunsets that inspired this electrifying print.



Cast against a midnight-black backdrop, our Saharan Sunset collection is a vibrant print that captures the most spectacular colors of a summertime sundown. Get lost in its abstract flowers eclipsed by paper-thin shadows, and feel the unmistakable vivaciousness of its greens, purples, and oranges.



You can enjoy your very own Saharan Sunset in a number of flattering cuts: take the high-neck Vita top, a sporty number featuring modern black mesh in the front and back, in perfect contrast with this effervescent palette. On the bottom, the full-coverage Hailey is our highest rise ever, for a svelte silhouette that oozes style and class. Larger-busted ladies can scoop up the Madison in either a D, DD, or E cup, featuring adjustable back straps for a comfortable, customized fit.



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