Rediscover: BATU

Rediscover: BATU

Rediscover: BATU


Bright colors, energetic crowds and unique costumes are elements you would find at street festivals. If you’ve never had the chance to attend one, immerse yourself in the mystical carnival culture with our Batu print. It will have you planning your next trip to some of the biggest parties in the world!


Left - Top: Adelina, Bottom: Batu | Right - Top: Madison, Bottom: Low Rider


This Indonesian-inspired print features a vibrant fuchsia with blue and orange accents. The fine detailing of Batu will have you channeling the amusement of parties like Mardi Gras, stimulating all of your senses. It’s more than just a swimsuit, it’s a passport to a culture of filled with creative energies and new experiences.

Batu has all of your favorite tops, including the Kali Triangle Slider and the Adelina Neck Top. All of the tops in this collection can be paired with a matching bottom or with our solid colors, Eucalyptus, Papaya and Petunia.


Left - Top: Madison (Eucalyptus), Bottom: Low Rider | Right - Top: Adelina, Bottom: Rebelx



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