Rediscover: GILI

Rediscover: GILI

Rediscover: GILI


Rollercoasters, funnel cakes and a day full of laughter are all things you can find at an amusement park. Relive your childhood with our fun floral print, Gili. Hope you’re prepared because this print will take you on a wild ride back down memory lane.

 A candy stripe print filled with bright colors, Gili will give you the nostalgia of eating delicious cotton candy while waiting in line for next ride. The flowers are contrasted with a horizontal stripe lining each cut, making the print pop. Although it’s as vibrant as the hot sun, Gili is also reminiscent of the fireworks you’ve seen at night after a day well spent with friends. This print is certainly meant for magical moments!


Left -Top: Madison, Bottom: Rebel | Right - Top: Madison 


This collection features all of your favorite summer tops, including the Adelina High Neck top that can be worn as a bikini or paired with a cute jean short for the trendy festival look. All of the pieces in the collection can be matched with our bright and vivacious solid color, Fireball.


Left - Top: Madison, Bottom: Rebel | Right - Top: Madison, Bottom: Rebel


Let us bring back those sweet memories of adventuring new to heights and the heavenly smells of the old amusement park with Gili. No matter the occasion, this print will have you looking sweeter than ever!



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