Sisters of the Sea: 20th Anniversary Surf Classic

Sisters of the Sea: 20th Anniversary Surf Classic

Sisters of the Sea: 20th Anniversary Surf Classic


This September, Sister of the Sea is hosting their 20th anniversary Surf Classic in Jacksonville, Florida. Eidon is the main sponsor of the tournament and we could no more be excited! Read more to learn about the different activities held, prizes to win and a special environmental initiative being offered this year.


Q: Congratulations on your 20th anniversary! How does it feel to have made it this far with Sisters of the Sea?

A: Thank you! It feels wonderful and surreal at the same time. It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years! We are still going strong because of the dedication of our Sisters of the Sea membership (especially Valerie Gregg and Erin Miller) and the Florida surf community.



Q: You have made a few changes to the divisions this year. What are they?

A: Yes, we have made changes because we always strive to improve the experience for our contestants. We added a “Kokua” Division 11 & Under Assisted (Kokua means to help in Hawaiian). We had several girls who could ride waves but needed a push, so now they can have a parent in the water to help them and keep the assisted separate from the non-assisted is key for accurate judging. We also changed our Sage Division to 50 & up, YES! We have gals of every age out there shredding! Lastly, we made our White Water Division’s non-competitive. This is for the beginner who wants to learn how to surf a contest without the pressure. They are welcome to check out their heat sheets for learning purposes, all White Water riders will receive an Sisters of the Sea medal and Natural Life contestant bag.


Q: You have decided to add a male division this year, which might I say, for entertainment purposes. What was the reasoning behind this?

A: EXACTLY, this is all about fun! We have done it in the past and everyone had a good time so we brought it back. Think grass skirts, tutus, wigs and bikini tops.



Q: Will there be any other activities going on during the surf competition?

A: Yes, we are known for one of the BEST raffles on the East Coast! Seven surfboards, skateboards, surf swag, jewelry, gift certificates for everything under the sun and much more, so come buy raffle tickets and win cool stuff! Also, September 15th is World Coastal Cleanup Day. Our local Beaches Go Green will be providing buckets for those who want to participate and pickup any liter/plastic, they will be providing recycling for all in attendance. There will be several sponsors present for the spectators & contestants to check out…. Eidon being our favorite.


Q: What can attendees expect from the event?

A: An incredible day of women’s surfing! It truly is a day to celebrate women in the water and to elevate our presence within the sport, look out guys, we are here to stay!



Q: The contest you hold every year is in tribute to surfer Rell Sunn. Who is she and what has she done for the surfing community?

A: Rell Sunn was certainly a catalyst for our Surf Classic beginning and why we give to our local Bosom Buddies Program, (which supports women while they are fighting cancer). She exuded grace and poise on a surfboard, gave tirelessly to her Hawaiian community and then was taken too soon because of breast cancer. We did not know her personally but her passing made us think about how we could give back to our community and support women’s surfing. We had already formed our Sister of the Sea membership, the Surf Classic became our vehicle to bring gals of every age together, create a lot of good and have fun while doing it.


Q: What is the main goal of the Surf Classic?

A: To elevate women’s surfing, give back to the community and have fun!


Follow this year’s Surf Classic on the Sisters of the Sea Instagram page (@sistersofthesea). 



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