5 Reasons To Travel Next Year

5 Reasons To Travel Next Year

5 Reasons To Travel Next Year


Travel, it’s one of those things that can either give you butterflies of excitement or a little bit of dread at the thought of airport security. Ok! Ok! We admit, the latter can be a downer, but that’s a small price to pay for more colourful passport pages, not to mention, an endless supply of memories and incredible photos to look back on. Let’s *ahem* explore 5 reasons to travel or travel more next year:



1) It’s educating: There’s a saying that “not all classrooms have four walls” and we couldn’t agree with it more! Travelling exposes you to a myriad of cultures that a textbook could barely achieve. And quite frankly, learning targeted skills like a foreign language or local cuisine via immersion is absolutely priceless!



2) It’s a great way to network and create meaningful relationships: We were never meant to walk this earth alone. That applies to travelling too. Whether you’re trekking with family or making new companions along the way, this is a great method to connect and strengthen bonds or expand your horizons and meet like-minded people.



3) It creates great memories and stories: Who doesn’t love reminiscing about an epic adventure? Or being the centre of attention at a social gathering when you’re able to share the craziest stories of expeditions gone by? Your ‘cool’ level just went up 10 notches when you tell them how you became fluent in Spanish or learnt to make authentic Paella.



4) Gives you an appreciation for what you have: Let’s face it, there’s a lot of glamour attached to jet-setting, but there can be just as much heartbreak as well. Travelling puts reality into perspective. Observing how others live, especially with means lesser than us, really opens our eyes to see that the simple things we take for granted, are someone else’s luxuries.



5) It makes you well-rounded: When we choose to travel we are consciously and willingly making a decision to step out of our comfort zone. This broadens your mind making you more receptive and empathetic to others. It also makes you realise that there is no one way to live. Contentment comes in all forms.



The reality is, there are more reasons to travel than there are not. We are extremely fortunate to have this remarkable planet as our home, our playground. So why not be the adventurer you were meant to be? That’s why, for 2019, let’s all aim to become true global citizens, after all, there’s a whole world out there! With that said, we at Eidon, would like to wish you, our honorary adventurers, a happy new year filled with exciting journeys fuelled by wanderlust!



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