Discover: AMINATU

Discover: AMINATU

Discover: AMINATU


Her existence is shrouded in legend and mystery, but her status as an ancient warrior queen is undisputed. We’re talking about Aminatu – or Amina – a fierce fighter who is celebrated in the pages of several historical texts, including the “Kano Chronicle,” which was penned in the 1800’s.


The pattern that adorns our Aminatu collection is truly fit for a queen – or a fearsome warrior, whichever you prefer.


Of the many Hausa queens that ruled over the West African savanna, Amina was the most celebrated of them all: as the daughter of a prominent government official and the sister of Zazzau’s eventual King, she possessed unbelievable prowess as a warrior, and fought in all four wars started during her sibling’s rule.



Amina was a real one-woman show. She was so enamored with her life as a fighter that she shook off any and all suitors that tried to pique her interest, and upon her brother’s death, the people of Zazzau welcomed her to the throne with open arms. Within a few months, she was once again rushing towards the battlefield, helping expand her territory to the south and the west until the combat she so loved finally claimed her life.



The pattern that adorns our Aminatu collection is truly fit for a queen – or a fearsome warrior, whichever you prefer. Inspired by traditional kaleidoscopic African prints, its regal navy and white palette is elevated by a touch of blush pink running along its seams. Available in a range of flattering cuts, many of which feature a collection-specific merrow edge, this pattern is fit for a queen.



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