Discover: ATHENA

Discover: ATHENA


If you’ve ever forayed into Greek mythology, you already know that Athena was one of the baddest babes to ever grace the pages of an ancient history book. As if being the goddess of crafts and wisdom wasn’t enough, Zeus’s favorite daughter was also known for her unique abilities on the battlefield – what else would you expect from the patron goddess of heroic endeavor? Need we say more?


"a tie-dye style motif, reminiscent of shallow water gently reflecting the sun's rays"


Sure, you’ll probably never find yourself dodging enemy arrows or having to prove yourself worthy of becoming the patron saint of Athens (and succeeding, might we add), but there’s no limit to the ways in which Athena can spark your spirit. Known for having a fascinatingly dichotomous personality, we drew upon her fearlessness and boldness, her femininity and craftiness, to inspire this dual-print collection.


Adelina Top & Low Rider Bottom in ATHENA | Katia Top & Tiki Bottom in ATHENA


On the one hand, we have a tie-dye style motif, reminiscent of shallow water gently reflecting the sun’s rays. Calm and cool, flowing with distinctive ease. On the other, we have a striking, intricate cocktail of micro-patterns, chaotic yet harmonious at the same time – not unlike the rhythm of triumphant battle. Together, they are greater than the sum of their parts, a potent cocktail of punchy personality.


Adelina Top & Tiki Bottom in ATHENA | Katia Top & Low Rider Bottom in ATHENA

Tiki & Low Rider Bottoms in ATHENA


From our merrow edge Tiki bottom to our E-cup-friendly Madison top, you can carve out your very own slice of femininity with our Athena collection. Maybe you’ll choose the Low Rider, with its dual strap sides and mid-rise waist. And maybe you’ll pair that bottom with the Katia, a wide-strapped top featuring the more ornate of Athena’s two patterns gently framed by tie-dye borders. Whatever you choose, wear it loud and proud – wear it like Athena would.


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