Discover: CULEBRA

Discover: CULEBRA

Discover: CULEBRA

Surf, sun, and snakeskin. For our latest swimwear obsession, we’re taking cues from one of nature’s most beautiful creatures with Culebra. Spanish for snake, this new reptile-inspired collection lives up to its name with a subtly textured pattern, sleek cuts, and soft green with and contrasting black accents.

Color blocking always makes for a simple, modern look. And while the Culebra collection definitely popped that trend in our Hot Peach combo, the muted khaki green of our Desert Combo color gives this style a cool softness.

Left - Top: Madison, Bottom: Mila | Right - One piece: Jenny

It’s an earthy, laid-back palette that’ll have you thinking of lush jungle groves or desert landscapes, cactus plants, and tumbleweeds.

But Culebra’s bold black accents and textured reptilian print tip the scales, giving this look a distinctively edgy vibe too. Easy to miss at first glance, the snakeskin-inspired motif sizzles in or out of the water, giving this otherwise understated collection a sense of mystery.

Left - Top: Adelina, Bottom: Kahina | Right - One piece: Kali slider

The cuts are equally eye-catching, with everything from sportier one-pieces to bikini tops and bottoms creating sexy lines and flattering silhouettes that will leave you feeling like a (snake) charmer.

It’s a slick take on the sensual power and timeless magnetism of reptile prints. Call on your inner animal this season and add a touch of cool sensuality to your surf and swim look with Culebra.


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