Time slows down with Makani

Discover: MAKANI

Everything about our Makani collection is as soft as a pillow and light as a feather. Its gentle rosy background welcomes the wearer into a state of all-encompassing calm, with a similarly serene pale pink lining. Its pastel leaves, pigmented with gentle blues, greens, and delicate combinations of the two, are visions of grace and elegance that feel lifted from the pages of a botanist’s notebook.

Quote: "designed for the quiet moments in between, listening to the rustling of the leaves and tak-ing in the infinite gentleness of the world around you."

If you take a peek out of the corner of your eye, you can nearly Makani’s sloping leaves swaying in the breeze, tracing the undulations of the collection’s luxurious ribbed fabric. In Hawaiian, the word “Makani” means wind – but it also alludes to a spirit that is adventurous and wise, with a radiant presence that leaves a trail of warmth and love in its wake.

Get the Allie One-Piece in our MAKANI print!
Get the Avery Top in our MAKANI print!

This print was designed for the quiet moments in between, listening to the rustling of the leaves and taking in the infinite gentleness of the world around you. Makani is more than just a name: it’s a feeling.

Get the Sarah Dress in our MAKANI print!

Featuring a particularly diverse assortment of cuts and styles, this collection makes it oh so easy to slip into tropical bliss. From our youthful bandeau-style Avery top to the classic Kali slider and simply flattering Allie one-piece, you’re sure to find a friend in this collection.

Get the Parker Rashguard in our MAKANI print!
Get the Hayden Paddle Suit in our MAKANI print!

On top of bread-and-butter pieces like tops, bottoms, and onesies, Makani also has two D-cup options on offer, as well as a super-cute rashguard and paddle suit for our surfer chicks. Whether on land or sea, you can reach for this collection’s wear-everywhere swim shorts, or a flowy halter dress to transition from splashing in the water to strolling around town. To top things off, pair any one of these patterned pieces with endlessly mix-and-matchable Black Licorice from our Expeditions group!

Kick back. Relax. Makani.