Discover: NAFRINI


Some 5,000 years ago, there reigned a civilization that still has us puzzled today. Ancient Egypt is the land where Pyramids were built, where pharaohs ruled, and where cats were praised. It’s also where women were treated far more equally to men than any other old civilization – and sadly, more than some modern societies today. Women were seen as protectors, contributors to society, and as independent beings. Even in the polytheistic beliefs of Ancient Egypt, goddesses such as Iris, were some of the most worshipped.




Inspired by this civilization, we created the Nafrini collection, a vivid and bold geo placement print. With a name meaning “to bring beauty”, we took elements from the exquisite encrusted jewelry that once adorned the necks of Egyptian goddesses to bring beauty to this series. Walk along the shores of newly discovered beaches and swim in crystal waters with confidence and strength, and become your own goddess.