Rediscover: OASIS

Rediscover: OASIS

Rediscover: OASIS


The warmth of the summer sun feels comforting when it kisses your skin, but can get overwhelming at times. That’s why we are revisiting our refreshing print, OASIS, a luscious motif that will rehydrate your swimsuit wardrobe.

 Inspired by the likes of the Sahara Desert, this print features a rich turquoise that brings a pop of color to the dry landscape and nourishes the vegetation that inhabits the land. OASIS will leave you dreaming of days spent in the desert and floating in its watering spring.

Left - Top: Madison | Right - Top: Adelina, Bottom: Low rider

  The floral pattern of pink and blue is a simple, yet a striking contrast to the subtle gold that is brought to life by the cool blue, as if they were blooming out of the ground into their gorgeous, bright colors. Immerse yourself in the paradise that is the brought to life in front of your very own eyes.


This collection features the classic cuts you love, such as the Summer. It also features the Adelina top, which is different from those seen in other collection. This crisscrossed back is made to give the ultimate support, perfect to wear for surfing the waves or paired with cute jeans shorts. Two new bottom cuts have also been added to OASIS, the cheeky coverage of Caia or a mid-coverage look with the Rebel bottom.

Left - Top: Madison, Bottom:  | Right - Top: Adelina, Bottom: Low Rider

Whether you are planning a beach day with some friends or attending a late-night pool party, this collection will be a refreshing outfit for any event. With the combination both luxury and a wear-everywhere feel, OASIS will make you stand out just like the water sanctuary of the parched wasteland.


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