Discover: PIXIE

Discover: PIXIE

Discover: PIXIE


Floral patterns and swimwear are an inseparable duo, with an infinite array of palm fronds and tropical blooms to enjoy. But there’s something fundamentally different about the florals that are featured in our Pixie collection: a magnetic moodiness reminiscent of a prized thrift shop blouse, or a timeless cross-stitched masterpiece crafted by the raddest grandma in your family tree.




In the traditional sense, a pixie is a tiny, mischievous folkloric being that simply can’t get enough of the lighter side of life. We bottled that playful curiosity and rolled it into this collection’s dual-patterned DNA, creating a classically feminine aura with a heaping tablespoon of playfulness on top.



Delicate with just a hint of edge, the Pixie collection is what Marie Antoinette would have worn if surfing was a thing in the 18th century. A pattern of intricate miniature bouquets against a stark black background brings an “oomph” that would rock any royal tea party, coupled with a dose of horizontal stripes that pull this romantically-inspired floral motif into the modern age.



Scoop up your very own Pixie in a host of flattering cuts, from our Jenny one-piece’s high-leg, scoop-back silhouette to the Stacey top’s signature criss-cross back strapping. The high-rise Hailey bottom does a wonderful job showcasing the striped-up side of Pixie’s personality, while the high-neck Adelina top features a delicate accent border surrounding the flowery main event.


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