Discover: VIOLETTA

Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of flowering plant species that grow all over the world? From other-worldly orchids to dainty daisies and ravishing roses, flowers turn the diverse landscapes of our world into stunning technicolour tapestries. And while this coast-to-coast bouquet is as abundant as they come, it's still missing one very important piece: you.

Get ready to blossom into a rainbow of petals, blooms, and leaves with our Violetta collection. Drenched in tones of crisp turquoise, lively pink, and rich purple, you won't find any wallflowers 'round these parts: as one of the punchiest Eidon prints this season, these blooms are made exceptional by their bright, bold, and beautiful stature. Remind you of anyone in particular? (Hint: it's you.)

With plenty of flattering cuts to choose from, these seeds are yours to sow. Are you more of a Vita girl, looking to rock a modern, sporty silhouette? Or are you partial to the Jenny, our vintage-inspired one-piece that flatters all shapes and sizes? The choice is yours to make, but we can already guarantee the outcome: a beach-ready getup that will have you itching for your next big adventure.

Self-expression is the key to unlocking your seaside style's true potential; Violetta offers an exceptional number of mix-and-match options so you can create your best look ever. You can opt for an all-out print ensemble, donning florals from top to bottom, or swap in one of three complimentary colors from our Solids collection – Blush, Caribe, and Periwinkle pair perfectly with Violetta's mosaic of pretty petals, so let your creative side shine!