Discover: ZANZIBAR

Discover: ZANZIBAR

Discover: ZANZIBAR


Hugging the coast of Tanzania, an East African country know for its extensive wilderness, you’ll find a cluster of islands by the name of Zanzibar. Sitting pretty in the Indian Ocean, its aquatic surroundings give way to many an opportunity to swim, snorkel, or even pal around with giant turtles on the coral-ringed Changuu Island.



No matter which of Zanzibar’s many outposts you choose to explore, you’ll be met with a tangle of flora and fauna, from gaggles of exotic birds to towering coconut palms. It can also be a place of opposites and extremes: this archipelago sees the pint-sized blue duiker and adorable dwarf antelope living side-by-side with – get ready for this – native giant rats. What a world.



Given its deep-rooted natural soul, we decided to craft our lively Zanzibar print with layer upon layer of pink and orange flowers alongside a jumble of leaves and foliage. This eclectic print has undeniable movement and rhythm in its bones, radiating Zanzibar’s signature spirit, richness, and joy. Oh, and don’t forget a little bit of spice: this distinct geographical locale is known for cultivating earthy delights including cloves, nutmeg, and ginger. Sign us up!



You can snag this bold print in a number of two-piece combinations, including our plunging Rooney top and super-high-rise Hailey bottom. If you’re one to worship the waves, you can also get your hands on a vibrant Pipa rashguard or a floral-all-over pair of Lula shorts. No matter your destination, make it funky and fabulous with our Zanzibar print!


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