Introducing Eidon Adventurer: Tina Cohen

Introducing Eidon Adventurer: Tina Cohen

Introducing Eidon Adventurer: Tina Cohen


Having spent the last few weeks speaking of our Hawaiian inspired prints Kalei and Kuta, it only seemed fitting to present our two Eidon Adventurers who hail from the beautiful islands of the Pacific. We’ll be presenting to you Tina Cohen, and you can check out our feature on Nini Narvaez here.


At 22 years old, Tina has spent the last 20 years of her life surfing – which is kind of mind blowing when you think about it! Her mom, a champion bodyboarder, couldn’t wait to get her daughter out into the water with her, and by the age of six, Tina was bodyboarding on her own. She started longboarding at the same time, and continues to thread the waters of Hawaii, while studying and writing research papers, and working as a lifeguard * takes deep breath *


Eidon: How would you describe the feeling surfing gives you?

TC: I like to say it’s the closest I can get to flying.  When surfing, I feel like I am in the clouds, with no gravity.  There is so much mana (power) coming from the waves that I can effortlessly move without actually moving my feet to move forward (like you would have to on land). It’s impossible to explain how surfing feels into words, but I definitely have always described surfing as “flying.” 



Eidon: What’s your favourite thing about living in Hawaii?

TC: My most favorite thing about living in Hawaii is the simple beauties of the nature that is offered here.  

We have the ocean, which is gorgeous and powerful.  We also have the mountains that offer amazing views and plants. I love that each and every day I can find beauty in where I live. I am never searching for it, since Hawaii offers it at each corner.  Even in the busiest of cities down in Honolulu, you’ll find our state flower, or a rainbow, or diamond head, or the ocean, just reminding you that Hawaii is naturally beautiful left and right.  


Eidon: Were you born there?

TC: Yes! Born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu.  Right near Banzai Pipeline, which is known to be one (if not the most) powerful waves in the world! 

Fun fact: One of the three triple crown surfing contests each year is ran right at Haleiwa Ali’i Beach, which is not only where I learned to surf, but where I lifeguard. — Keep in mind, I lifeguard for the parks and recs department, only when the waves are small and safe! haha I can’t handle the wave strength the North Shore winter waves has!



Eidon: Gives us the scoop! What are the MUST SEE and MUST DO things when visiting Hawaii?

TC: Surfing. Whether it’s a lesson, or you’re an experienced surfer and can go on your own, surfing is a MUST in Hawaii.  Along with that I recommend the Crouching Lion hike or the Ehukai Pillbox hike.  These two hikes are not that difficult but such an amazing view at the top.  You can see the reef formations of the ocean, the huge mountains, and honestly feel so empowered by nature and the beauty of it.  Don’t let yourself miss these opportunities if you’re visiting Oahu!

(Foodies, rejoice! Tina has got the scoop on where to get the best Ahi Katsu – her favorite dish -in Hawaii)


“Asian cultures are found everywhere in Hawaii.  That being said, the combination of Katsu (Japanese dish) and Ahi (fish loved by the locals) is my favorite dish here! You can’t find Ahi Katsu everywhere so lemme tell you a little secret on how to find it, hehe.

Open only on Friday and Saturday from 11:00am till 6:00pm, there is a family owned business called "Ken’s Fresh Fish" down in Laie on the North Shore of Oahu (55300 Kamehameha Hwy, late, HI 96762). This is the BEST Ahi Katsu out there.  I get it “well done” with the salad and rice.  They also sell some of the best Poke, (raw fish).  It’s a local secret, so for those who want to try out what the locals love, definitely add this to the priority of things to do when in Hawaii! 


Side note: for dessert, I love this little spot called “Ono Yo” in Kahuku. They sell the best frozen yogurt out there.  It isn’t anything like fro-yo, since they make their frozen yogurt with greek-yogurt and fresh fruits.  I get the plain flavor with a bunch of fresh fruit on top.  YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY IT.  YUMMMM!”



5 quick facts to know about Tina:

  1. Favorite things about herself is… “Self motivation. Being homeschooled all of my life and being an online student now, I have to really be self driven to get my school work done. I set a goal for myself each and everyday. And until I reach this goal, I don't let myself do anything else.”
  2. “I was brought up doing all of my homework in Japanese and with a very Japanese-influenced family, (…) I have never lived there but it is most definitely my second home, since Japanese is technically my first language.”
  3. On the one thing she could eat for the rest of her life… “Coconuts. Between coconut water, coconut meat, and coconut milk, I could live off of coconuts, no doubt about that!”
  4. “The top of my current one bucket list is spending a summer adventuring in Europe, or going to Japan for a long period in March... or both! (I keep my bucket list limited to things I can achieve by putting in the hard work.) -- I'm hoping to cross this off my list by this up and coming summer.”
  5. Speaking of a woman who inspires her… “Michelle Obama. The “Let’s Move!” campaign that she started to get a healthier generation of kids is one of the most inspirational campaigns a woman has ran in the generation we are currently a part of. I love that she is always trying to get people active and eat healthier. I hope that after I receive my two bachelors in marketing and managing, I can get my masters in something along the lines of nutrition. I want to help others be fitter and happier with their bodies as well as know what they put in their bodies.”


Catch more of Tina and her beach adventures on her Instagram!


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