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Once again, the holiday season has crept up on us like a thief in the night. We've had 11 months to ponder what we'd give to the free-spirited people who enrich our lives with exciting tales of faraway places. However, if you're in a jam trying to figure out what to gift someone who's seemingly done and seen it all, fear not!

Here are some practical suggestions that will give you a head start with your shopping and certainly be welcomed by the adventurer in your life:

Personalized Passport Holder

This gift idea is inexpensive and guaranteed to be used by that special frequent flyer in your social circle.It can be made to reflect their fun-loving personality, so go wild with making it as unique as its soon-to-be owner.

Water/Wind Proof Jacket

Outerwear is a necessity when it comes to adventuring, and no thrill-seeker should be without this fundamental piece. Whether their wanderlust takes them on road trips to the beach, camping in the woods or hiking up mountains, this apparel is a must-have to protect themselves.

Universal Travel Adapters & Voltage Converters

If their escapades take them over the seas, then this pair will definitely come in handy. Since some countries use different wall sockets and voltage, these two gizmos will make electricity accessible by converting it into a usable output for their electronic companions. Because let's face it, no one wants to be on vacation with a dead phone, camera, or laptop for a few hours, let alone the duration of their trip. Available both as a travel set or as separate pieces.

TRavel-Ready Tableware

From reusable bottles, mugs, and tumblers, to specially packaged cutlery, this gift idea is as awesome for the recipient as it is for the environment. These low-cost tokens are not only pragmatic for everyday use, but they also encourage the carrier to reduce their plastic pollution footprint. Did we also mention that they require minimal care and are long-lasting? Making them ideal for whatever rugged paths may be thrown their way.

Wet/Dry Backpack

Sometimes underestimated, but always fully appreciated. A durable and functional knapsack is an essential regardless if your giftee is a seasoned explorer or new to the voyaging game. Features you will typically find on these types of backpacks include a waterproof exterior, multiple subdivisions for wet and dry items, and even pockets for personal gadgets. No matter if they're doing a long-distance paddle, trekking up a snowy slope, or get caught in a sudden downpour, a weather-proof sack will be their perfect ally.

Eidon Gift Cards

For the very last minute shoppers, nothing beats the convenience and flexibility of a gift card. If this is you, save yourself from a run to the store and click here to head over to our virtual gift cards section.

There's nothing ordinary about the adventurer in your life, and neither should be your yuletide tokens to them. While it always feels like a hunt around this time of year, we hope this guide will help in choosing a gift for your real-life Lara Croft or Dora the Explorer. Happy shopping!

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