Rediscover: GLADES

Rediscover: GLADES

Rediscover: GLADES


From the dense jungles of Bora Bora that climbed up top Mount Otemanu, we’re taking you the subtropical wilderness of the Everglades. Located in Florida, this National Park is a World Heritage Site and home to thousands of - wait for it – flamingos! And let us tell you – they’re way cooler than their plastic counterparts that adorn suburban lawns.



First, they come in hot colors of red, orange, and pink. They get their pigment from the food they eat (ummm, we would be green from all the avocados we eat). They stand on one leg like it’s no biggy. A group of ‘em is called a flamboyance. So, they were clearly meant to be part of our 2018 collection, because they are just that cool.




Covered in palm trees and these pink cuties over a black backdrop is the ever-so funky and flamboyant Glades series. With unique and fun pieces like the asymmetrical Gwen bottom and strappy Rooney top that match your spunky personality, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd. These styles might just inspire you to try out a one-legged stance on your board next time you’re out in the water.


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