Rediscover: KUTA

Can you find the commonality between the following two things?
Our new floral Hawaiian inspired print Kalei
Our blog post feature on Hawaiian adventurer Nini Narvaez
If you guessed Hawaii, you’re in for a treat! Not only does our 2018 collection have one print inspired by it, but two! That’s right! The archipelago has so much beauty to offer, from its beaches to its jungles, culture and art, to the flowers and wildlife, that it’s no wonder we couldn’t stop ourselves at just one tribute.

The Kuta collection gathers the beauty of the hibiscus flower over a crisp turquoise background, a reminder of the beautiful waters that surround the islands. For added flair, these styles are made out of a Honeycomb-like textured fabric that’s so soft, you’ll literally never want to take it off. And best part? This collection is more stylish than all Hawaiian dad shirts combined (sorry dads, but it’s true). So go ahead and pick your favorites, and carry the effortlessly cool vibes of Hawaii with you wherever you go.