Unveiling 2019 (Part 2)

Unveiling 2019 (Part 2)

Unveiling 2019 (Part 2)


Pack your bags – we’re on our way to explore the second half of Eidon’s spring/summer 2019 collection! On the itinerary: more prints, more adventures, more surf, more fabulous.

Without further ado, the final 8 jaw-droppers that round out this season’s must-haves for the everyday globetrotter. Let’s go!




Head into adventure after months of winter blues! Feel the springtime’s good vibes with the Paradise collection, a twin color print of the lively season’s blooms and birds.




In the mid-15th century, a warrior queen by the name of Aminatu ruled the land that is now known as North Western Nigeria. This abstract tie dye series aims to bring out the brave, empowered babe in all of us.




A sea of colors lies hidden beneath the white shores and dominating palm trees of the Wakatobi archipelago, but are put on full display in this unique and exotic collection.




Bright, colorful, and cosmopolitan; This is the city of Kathmandu, capital of Nepal. With its bustling streets, old city architecture, and Buddhist and Hindu temples, it’s the perfect destination for us travellers to wander through for days on end.




Take a turn into Greek Mythology with an ornate pattern inspired by goddess Athena’s jewel encrusted armor against deep blue tie-dye backdrop representing the Mediterranean Sea.




The lavish Kuruma series combines modern cuts with traditional elements of silk brocade patterns and ornate decorative motifs found in the busy streets and colorful markets of India.




The desert shines brightest under the moon’s light, when temperatures drop and the sky is adorned with millions of stars. It’s also when the blooms of the giant saguaro cacti come to life.




Legzira is dedicated to the beautiful designs that make up Morocco’s architecture, with delicate horizontal stripes featuring two tile designs that’ll transport you to the middle of a desert palace.

Before you explore the world, explore Eidon’s spring/summer 2019 collection! (Then take us with you)



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