Unveiling Eidon's Spring 2020 Collection (Part 1)

Do you feel that? The prickle of static electricity in the air? The tiny hairs on the back of your neck standing at attention? That’s the feeling of something big on the horizon.

Introducing our brand-new 2020 prints: a collection of colors, images, and shapes pulled from the wide world around us, inspired by people, places, experiences, and bygone eras. What kind of adventure will they inspire next?  

Shop Eidon's VICE print!


Our tropical Vice print is inspired by the tangles of buzzing neon that painted the streets of Miami during endless balmy nights, featuring the ever-iconic flamingo – an essential fixture of the era.

Shop Eidon's MAKANI print!


Everything about our Makani collection is as soft as a pillow and light as a feather. Its gentle rosy background welcomes the wearer into a state of calm, and its pastel leaves are visions of grace and elegance.

Shop Eidon's SULUADA print!


Just like its namesake island, our Suluada print has a streak of bright turquoise running through it: one striking segment of a multicolour woven stripe motif designed to give a nod to the iconic Turkish towel.

Shop Eidon's DAISY print!


Spend warm, lazy days in a daisy daze with our bloom-speckled Daisy print: a soft navy background puts this bright white and golden yellow bloom in the spotlight – a celebration of all that is good in the world.


Our Tropical Sunrise collection captures the unparalleled feeling of the sun washing over your skin – with luscious fruits and classic fronds to boot – so you can rise and shine from the inside out!

*Available on December 12, 2019.

Shop Eidon's ZULU print!


Our Zulu collection is available in two earthy tones: a deep rose that evokes sloping desert dunes under the afternoon sun, and an elegant dusty blue that conjures up a quiet oasis at dusk.

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